Scaffolding Regulations

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  • 26th October, 2012
Scaffolding Regulations

When working in construction, scaffolding regulations need to be followed, and this is why it is important for professionals to ensure that they understand the rules regarding the use of this equipment within their state. According to the guidelines within all regulation handbooks, this type of equipment should be used when employees cannot conduct their work in a safe manner on a solid construction of at about 20 inches wide, except in instances where they can make use of ladders.

The Exceptions of Scaffold Use
In instances where scaffolding regulations need to be followed, there are a few exceptions, and these include those instances where the fall from the height at which the person is working doesn't exceed the limit of 15 feet. Supervision is also required when individuals are working at this height without the use of a scaffold.

Purchasing The Appropriate Scaffold
When purchasing or designing this type of equipment, scaffolding regulations also need to be followed to ensure that the product is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the individuals making use of it. The design needs to follow these guidelines so that employees can work on a solid base and prevent accidents and injuries from occurring on the site.

According to most regulations, this item will need to be constructed of wood, steel, aluminum or materials that are just as suitable. The strength of the material needs to be taken into consideration during the construction, or it might compromise the quality and stability of the item. When the item has been constructed, it will then need to be tested in order to ensure that it is able to hold its own weight, as well as about 4 times its maximum intended load.

Using The Scaffolding
When the item is in use, the maximum weight load should not, at any point, be exceeded. This weight maximum will have to be determined by a professional within this field. Those that are going to be making use of the scaffold will also have to ensure that they follow all of the guidelines for use that have been outlined by the manufacturer, including the storage suggestions

Anchoring the item when it is intended for use is of the utmost importance, and at no point should it sway, collapse or tip. Guidelines offered by the manufacture will usually assist individuals in learning how to set up one of these items in the appropriate manner. It is also just as important that the item is not overloaded with materials that will be used during construction, as this could end up exceeding the weight load and possibly causing the item to become structurally unsound.

The Importance of Following Regulations
Regulations are not only important to follow because they are legal requirements, but they also ensure the safety of those that are going to be making use of this type of equipment. In instances where scaffolding regulations are rigidly followed, the chances of accidents occurring are minimized, and this is something that is of the utmost importance on a construction site. Those that would like to learn a bit more about these regulations simply need to turn to the appropriate organization within their state to obtain information relating to this subject.

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